Sul detto comune: il sapere è pubblico in teoria, ma privato nella pratica

Pievatolo, Maria Chiara (2007) Sul detto comune: il sapere è pubblico in teoria, ma privato nella pratica. Cosmopolis, II (2). ISSN 1828-9231


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While open access archiving and publishing are already common practices in many scientific, technical and medical (STM) fields, we cannot say the same for the humanities - especially in Italy. It is true that "information wants to be free" and ideas spread also in spite of all the copyright and closed access obstructions. However, the by-product of a such a situation is what we can call an incomplete library, which exacerbates the typical fragmentation of these disciplines. At the beginnings of Western philosophy, Plato dealt with the transition from orality to literacy, and met the challenge by combining freedom of the texts and knowledge communities. Now humanities have to face a similar challenge. And their fragmentation and lateness in the open access publishing can offer the opportunity to try out new filtering criteria, like open peer review, retroactive peer review and soft peer review. Outside the scientific community, a new kind of peer reviewing is emerging on-line - a kind of wisdom of the crowds that applies to de facto open access objects (see Chris Anderson, Wisdom of the crowds ). Although such a wisdom is not flawless, for humanities - which deal with human beings - it is crucial to communicate and to energize the new. cultivated public opinion that is arising from the Internet, if they want to preserve their eminence In a situation if information abundance, the well-known academic motto "publish or perish" might also be interpreted as "make your texts public, or perish".

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