Publishing without perishing. Are there such things as “research products”?

Pievatolo, Maria Chiara (2015) Publishing without perishing. Are there such things as “research products”? In: Aisa 1st annual conference Nostra res agitur: open science as a social question, 22-23 ottobre 2015, Pisa. (Unpublished)

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At the end of Plato’s Phaedo, Socrates does not succeed in persuading Crito that the real Socrates is the Socrates who is now conversing and arranging the details of his argument, not the one whom he will soon see as a corpse. According to Ernst Cassirer, the philosopher is the one who knows how to die, by overcoming his individuality to participate in a universal conversation. Hence, while Crito’s Socrates has long become dust, Plato’s Socrates is still speaking to us: research is an unending process, not a competitive production of statical “research products”. If any research assessment is done à la Crito, by counting “products” and citations, academy may become so predatory and fraudulent that the difference between a respected scholar and an impostor faking his data would be just of degree, not of kind. And that the only viable route to open access, if any, would remain the grey road of administrative enforcement on scholars glad to be treated like zombies.

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