Stati Uniti ed Europa: sistema hobbesiano e sistema kantiano nelle relazioni internazionali

Mattonai, Pietro (2015) Stati Uniti ed Europa: sistema hobbesiano e sistema kantiano nelle relazioni internazionali. Other thesis, University of Pisa.

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United States and Europe nowadays do not share the same principles in foreign policy. Following the ideas of Robert Kagan, especially those contained in his book “Of Paradise and Power”, this work looks for the historical and ideological reasons of this situation. After the end of the World War Two, United States and Europe joined the Western bloc, in which the Americans held the leadership, economically and militarily. In this scenario, the Europeans were closely tied to American foreign policy, from which they drew benefits. When the Soviet Union faded away in 1991, the differences between United States and Europe increased. While the Americans live in a Hobbesian world, characterized by anarchy and the presence of dangerous and non-democratic states, the Europeans live in a “post-modern paradise”, where the “laws of the jungle” which are valid in the first one have been abolished in favor of co-operation between states and international law. This is possible for one reason only: while the Europeans realize the Kantian project of “Perpetual Peace”, the United States maintain their military pre-eminence, defending the European Union from external attacks and the dangers of international terrorism. Briefly, at the international level, exist a “zone of peace” and “zones of conflicts”. This can only lead to different ideological positions and a different conception of the use of the force.

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